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Jinliyuan scientific research center is a scientific research institution dedicated to the research and development of modern traditional Chinese medicine, biological medicine, chemical synthetic medicine and green health products with independent intellectual property rights. It is a strong scientific research team composed of senior engineers, postgraduates and undergraduates. The company has advanced laboratory equipment and independent pilot research and development workshop. With the efforts of all researchers and other scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning, the center has owned or applied for more than 10 national invention patents in the field of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, antiviral, diabetes and health care products.

Technology is the wing of take-off. The center has vigorously absorbed advanced scientific research achievements, established long-term cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutes such as China Pharmaceutical University, Shanghai organic Research Institute, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute and Zhejiang University, accelerated the research and development of new products, and cultivated a scientific research and development talent team with strong R & D ability.

Adhere to the enterprise development path of "revitalizing the enterprise through science and technology" and "strengthening the enterprise through science and technology". As a scientific research unit subordinate to Zhejiang Jinliyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the R & D center is taking the latest progress and breakthrough of life science as the source of product research and development, taking the patented technology with independent intellectual property rights as the basis of product development and production, organically integrating innovation leadership and safety effectiveness, and constantly making our new contributions to human health.